Boiler Repair

It is our policy to look for a repair for your boiler if it is cost affective for the customer.

Our expert engineers will diagnose the fault and give you the best option to move forward. We will never hard sell a new boiler.

Our technician says:
Sixteen years of boiler repairs and a boiler has never beaten me yet. It’s a matter of pride now. I was working on a boiler that the customer had decided to replace. I could have walked away and just had the installers in to put a new boiler on the wall, but I stayed until I had resolved the problem as it happened it was a £7 part the customer was so happy they had never had the boiler working so well and they decided to keep that boiler rather then having it replaced. I still service that boiler every year and it’s still purring like a kitten. I always get a nice cup of tea and a biscuit at that job!